Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

By Shane Black

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 2005-10-21
  • Advisory Rating: R
  • Runtime: 1h 42min
  • Director: Shane Black
  • Actors:
  • Awards:
  • iTunes Price: USD 8.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 0.99
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A petty thief posing as an actor is brought to Los Angeles for an unlikely audition, but soon finds himself in the middle of a murder investigation, along with the girl he dreamed about in high school and the detective who was training him for his upcoming "role." Written and directed by Shane Black, creator of the "Lethal Weapon" series. Starring Golden Globe-winner and Academy and Emmy Award-nominated Robert Downey Jr. ("Gothika," "Chaplin"), Val Kilmer ("Alexander," "Batman Forever") and Michelle Monaghan ("The Bourne Supremacy," TV's "Boston Public").



  • A Comedy?

    By Froggleep
    I'm not sure why this is categorized as a comedy because I found not much funny about it. Interesting, yes. Funny, no. Worth a watch.
  • Something new

    By I know dis stuff
    A classic that no one has seen. Instant success from Downey's comeback movie which lead him into the actor he has become.
  • Don't rent this this crap crap

    By Andrea2h
    I don't know how 84% could like this. Every time it started getting somewhere, I was disappointed. Save your money and don't waste your time.
  • Waste of $2.99

    By Lakmint
    I'm beginning to really question rotten tomatoes score on movies. This is a terrible movie. The editing and story are lame and I don't even understand why a movie like this is made. It's not fun at all to watch. It's almost like all the actors are just full of themselves and have no care about the script. I had to turn the movie off in the middle.
  • 4 star preview, 2 star movie

    By mEtApHoRiK
    All four funny parts in this movie were in the preview which means that there was absolutely no reason to rent this movie, forget buying this movie. I've been soundly ripped off. Horribly edited, poorly acted, bizarre script. If the producers had hired the person who edited this movie to make the preview, this would have been a great movie. As it is, it's not as bad as My Dinner With Andre or Napoleon Dynamite but not nearly as good as many other movies available at iTunes. I seem to be striking out this week with the very small offerings available on iTunes.
  • Weird Take On Film Noir

    By nzjetstar1
    Captures the essence of Bogie's detective films and film noir with a slapstick comedic side. It's an ok pizza flick.
  • Great movie!

    By Filsmith
    One of the best movies you never saw!!
  • Awesome!

    By Youbemeandyou
    It was a hilarious movie and loved Val Kilmer and Robert Downey JR together. :D Tremendous movie and I'd recommend to anybody! :)) Best comedy I've ever seen! :D
  • Ha-freakin-larious!!!!!!

    By Conan the Destroyer 1981
    Too clever!! Title says it all!!! I'd give it 6 if I could!!
  • Love Love This Movie Movie

    By SecretShopper27
    This film is pure genius-ness! The L.A. scenery is beautiful. The plot is brilliantly hilarious, full of action and romance, and simply fantastic. The cast is epic. Robert Downey, Jr., Val Kilmer, and Michelle Monaghan are all just great together! This is most definitely a film to buy!!!