The Limehouse Golem

The Limehouse Golem

By Juan Carlos Medina

  • Genre: Thriller
  • Release Date: 2017-09-08
  • Advisory Rating: Unrated
  • Runtime: 1h 48min
  • Director: Juan Carlos Medina
  • Actors:
  • Awards:
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 0.99
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With the Limehouse Golem serial killer on the loose and taunting the police with messages written in blood, Inspector Kildare (Bill Nighy) must rely on help from a troubled witness (Olivia Cooke) to bring the killer to justice.



  • It’s weird

    By Don in Hawaii
    Very strange story line glad I only spent $.99.
  • Darkness, Debauchery & Anti-Heroes

    By cosmiccath
    These reviews are meant to provide a forum for popular opinions about the movies here. OK. If we judge films MERELY for their acting, direction, sets, musical scores and plot devices then this movie checks those boxes in most cases. The twists at the end ALMOST justify sitting though this film, but nothing really could It is debauchery on ever level, just about every human vice is glorified whilst simultaneously being vilified, with the exception of the only moral characters (and I am being facetious) being three homosexual males. This is what this industry is rapidly devolving to, and simultaneously recording: the end of our culture and anything pure and nobel. Certainly movies are marketed to audiences. However, as anyone knows in or around this business, it is not all about money, and much of modern Hollywood (and its overseas surrogates) is also about justification. To sum of the darkness of this film might be to sum it up with a vicarious statement, which might read: "Look at how dark darkness can get! Anything slightly above this is righteousness." I give this two stars because as a movie, it was well made. End of that statement. As a didactic message, this film has us believe the whole world is one big Sodom and Gomorrah. So, we might as well choose to live within darkness and to find joy here as we "eat, drink and make merry." After all, there is nothing but the brief glimmer of life and than ... nothing. This is the real message, no matter what the story line is. This is utterly mistaken. This movie does not portray human existence, only the very darkest realms. I would not choose to travel and wallow in that place, so why should I pay even $1.00 to buy a ticket for a short visit. This was a total waste of money and talent. It is obvious that those who produced this movie are both morally challenged and gender confused. I am not.
  • Very slow

    By Laine1128
    Couldn't stay with it as it was slow
  • Not a very good movie

    By Landscapingman
    I wasted my time watching this movie
  • Utterly unconvincing

    By I’m Dazzah
    This film annoyed me no end. Everything about it is "off". Bill Nighy is too old for the role, unfortunately, and just comes across as glum and disengaged. As a result, he fails to draw attention away from his junior partner. What sinks the film is the female lead, who appears in just about every scene and is an unbearably self-conscious actress. Switched off with 40 minutes to go. The scenes with Karl Marx in them are just plain silly.
  • A waste of time & money

    By Kingston56
  • Lots of promise but degenerates into mess

    By Ezekiel G. Folsom
    Bill Nighy has a certain dignity and cool which is almost always enjoyable to observe and no less so in this film. The sets, costumes and gothic atmosphere are well-executed. The movie starts strong: we're on the trail of a serial killer with a literary flair. It looks like a game of cat and mouse with mystery to savor and courtroom drama as a bonus. And then the film takes a long detour into a lengthy exploration of the hardscrabble life of a dancehall performer, and by so doing degenerates into a meandering soap opera with often nearly incomprehensible dialogue, and forays into kinky sad-masochism. The actual pursuit of the killer becomes an afterthought. A cameo by Communist Karl Marx (!) signifies nothing except that the screenwriters had time to fill. The Limehouse Golem would have been engaging as an hour-long TV drama, but as a feature film it's padded and squanders the talents of Nighy and supporting star Eddie Marsan.
  • Incredible! (NO SPOILERS)

    By AMJ33
    If you like crime, mystery solving, dark, gory, old school victorian/edwardian era stuff, this is for you. I really like how this was filmed, and at times it had a very special, creepy edge to it. I must admit, I did not see the ending coming. I thought this was written really well. I also believe it was worth the price to rent. ENJOY!